The 35th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society : September 18(Tue.)-21(Fri.), 2012

Childcare Room

Information for Participants with Children

A Childcare Room and Family Room will be available at Neuroscience2012.
At the Childcare Room, professional staff will take care of your children while you attend the meeting. Advance reservation is required to use this service.
The Family Room is available for parents or guardians wishing to relax with and eat together with or nurse their children. The Family Room is available free of charge at any time during the convention. Children must be accompanied at all times by parents or guardians in this room.

Childcare Room

The Childcare Room will be operated by Pigeon Hears Corporation Co., Ltd., an official member of the All Japan Childcare Services Association.Mats and play equipment will be provided, and children will be cared for by specialist childcare staff. If you wish to use the Childcare Room, please be sure to read the regulations below submit an application in advance.

Opening Hours

  • Tue. September 18, 8:30-18:30
    Wed. September 19, 8:00-19:00
    Thu. September 20, 8:00-19:00
    Fri. September 21, 8:00-18:30
    *Please note that it may not be possible to accept children for whom advance reservations have not been received.


For security reasons, only parents and guardians using the Childcare Room will be informed of its location.

Ages Accepted

From 3 months to sixth grade elementary school students.

Conditions of Use

The facility is available only to convention participants or persons connected with exhibiting companies.


Standard daily rate: 3,000 yen per child per day
*If you are using this service for more than one child, who are siblings, there is a fifty percent reduction for the second child and thereafter (e.g. the total charge for two siblings is 4,500 yen, for three siblings it is 6,000 yen)
Short-term care rate: 600 yen/hour (up to four hours)
*Any period of care exceeding four hours will be charged at the daily rate.

Note 1)

Baby sitters will be arranged for the time periods for which advance reservations have been received. These arrangements result in personnel costs. It is for this reason that we request payment for the total amount of care time you reserve in advance, rather than the actual time you leave your child in care at the daily or short-term rate. If you are unavoidably delayed in coming to pick up your child resulting in time in care extending beyond that which you reserved, we ask that you pay for the extra time you used the service.

Note 2)

A substantial portion of the running costs of the Childcare Room are covered under the convention budget, with the kind understanding and cooperation of other participants. Please understand that the childcare services we provide are being operated under a limited budget.

Payment Method

On-site cash payment
(Please pay at General Information Desk on the last day of use)

Application Deadline

Please apply by Wednesday, September 5, 2012
*Reservations received after the deadline will be accommodated should space be available. Please ask in this eventuality.

How to Applys

Please be sure to read the Regulations for Use below, sent by e-mail to Pigeon Hears Corporation.
A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you upon receipt of your mail.

* Please contact Pigeon Hears Corporation if you wish to change the content of your application, or if you have any questions.


Pigeon Hears Corporation Co., Ltd.

* Regarding inquiries by e-mail, please insert “Childcare Room for Neuroscience2012” in the subject line.

Important Notes on Use of the Childcare Room

  1. Please inform the staff if your child is not in normal good health.
  2. On the morning of the day you plan to use the Childcare Room, if your child has a fever above 38.0oC, then the child cannot be accepted. Please check your child’s temperature beforehand.
  3.  It is important to be attentive to your child to ensure that he/she does not feel anxious about being separated from you. Parents or guardians are requested to tell your child where you are going, what you will be doing and how long you will be away for. Please also tell your child to “have fun playing together with new friends and the child care staff.”

What to Bring

  1. Personal identification (driver’s license, maternal and child health handbook, health insurance card, etc.)
  2. Childcare Room Application Form
  3. Staff will take receipt of items that will be required during the childcare period (all such items should be clearly labeled). Please place all these items together in one bag and bring them on the day. Please prepare two or three changes of clothes and if your child is still being potty trained, bring additional underwear.
  4. Snacks or baby food and drinks. (Pre-packed lunches may be brought in, but should not contain raw foods that require cool storage. Baby food must be in unopened jars or freeze-dried packs.)
  5. Other items that you consider necessary while your child is in the Childcare Room.

* Please provide baby bottles and powdered formula.

Notes When Bringing Your Child to the Childcare Room

  1. Please be sure to bring your child yourself.
  2. Please only bring the child (children) for whom you made an application to use the Childcare Room.
  3. Before coming to the Childcare Room please check your child’s temperature.
  4. If your child is not in good health or has an illness that could infect other children it may not be possible to leave your child at the Childcare Room. 
  5. Please ensure that your child has eaten a meal before coming to the Childcare Room. 
  6. Please take your child to the bathroom before coming to the Childcare Room.


The Childcare Room will not engage in any form of meal preparation.
Please eat lunch with your child outside the Childcare Room (in the Family Room or elsewhere).
In principle, staff will handle snacks and drinks (biscuits, powdered formula, etc.) that are brought by the parent or guardian and provide them to the child as required, but as a refrigerator is not available please only provide items that can be stored at room temperature.
Please note that Pigeon Hears Corporation will not accept any responsibility whatsoever in the event that food poisoning or illness occurs as a result of food consumed in the Childcare Room.


Staff will contact you immediately in the event your child is injured, starts to run a fever, or of any other emergency, by calling your mobile phone.
* Should medical treatment be necessary, your child will be taken to a nearby hospital at the same time as staff members contact you urgently.


Pigeon Hears Corporation takes every precaution to ensure the safety of childcare, but in the event that an accident occurs for which childcare staff are responsible, this will be discussed between Pigeon Hears Corporation and the childcare worker concerned, and the company will respond within the scope of its insurance policy.

Family Room

This room contains mats, play equipment, and partitions. Please use it freely to eat or relax with your children, or as a nursing room. Advance registration is not required. There are no childcare staff in attendance at the Family Room. While in this room, children must be accompanied by their parents or guardians, who are requested to use it responsibly and safely.

Opening Hours Tue. September 18, 8:30-18:30
Wed. September 19, 8:00-19:00
Thu. September 20, 8:00-19:00
Fri. September 21, 8:00-18:30
Location Inside Nagoya Congress Center
Cost Free
Note The contracting company's insurance does not cover any accident or injury taking place in the Family Room, and the JNSS and the Convention Secretariat accept no responsibility whatsoever for any occurrence.